Do you need to improve your English?  If so, you know that you need the right guidance to achieve this.

Here at the British Lingua we run a variety of courses which cater to everyone’s needs.  Due to the diversity of programmes we offer there is undoubtedly a course suitable for you, regardless of your current standard of English.

We have always laid emphasis on improving our students’ all round English – written as well as spoken.  However, recently we have begun to employ native speakers from Britain.  This has enabled us to provide expert tuition focussing on pronunciation and accent suitable for those who want to succeed in the world of business.

Our flexible working hours, from 7am-9pm Monday-Saturday, demonstrate our dedication to the students and allow people with other commitments to attend lessons at a time that is suitable for them.

Improve Your English
We currently run 4 courses which focus on improving your written and spoken English.  If you are a beginner then join our 5-month Fundus programme.  For intermediates head along to the 4- month Crash course and if you are experienced in the language, but want to fine tune your communication skills, sign up to the 2-month Capsule course.  If you have no, or very little, knowledge of English and want to become an exceptional communicator, then enrol on our A to Z programme.

English At Work
If you are currently working, or looking for a job, and want to be successful in business, then we have several courses for you.  For those people wanting to succeed in a call centre environment, our  Callnet course is the way ahead.  If you are ambitious in other areas of business join our Business English programme.  It will provide you with all the necessary communication skills to become a competent professional.  If you need help in securing that lucrative job then our specialist Interview course will endow you with the skills and confidence to succeed.

It’s All Talk
Some courses allow the students to focus on their verbal ability.  If you will benefit from an accent that will allow you to communicate effectively with English speakers all over the world then sign up for our Accent Training.  If you lack confidence and want to improve your ability to speak English in public, or to groups, then come along to our Group Discussion sessions.

If you need to go abroad for further studies you need to prove that you are fluent in English.  Taking the IELTS/TOEFL course at British Lingua will ensure your success in this.

We have a think tank which includes experts drawn from the sub-continent as well as other parts of the world.  Our devoted teachers are committed to furthering the cause of English.  We give you a platform from which you can succeed in any area of life you choose.  There is no limit to what you can achieve if you join the British Lingua.